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  1. 01/19/16

    My favorite Audi experts (and VW-Porsche; including air-cooled!) are in Vancouver at Unlimited Vdub. 
    I’ve used them for several decades and they have senior hot shots. One of their hot shots is returning Feb 1st (Bob Jackson) and the other is George Forkner (the owner/partner). They specialize in German makes, but have added techs for Japanese vehicles, etc. I trust their expertise and quality. They are used to my picky views on the types of parts to install and incessant questions about repair and maintenance strategies. Unlimited has a very loyal customer base – well-earned based upon their character and quality.
  2. 12/12/2012

    I’ve been bringing my VW Golf here since I weaned myself off the dealer (for at least 6 years now) and I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else.  They’re definitely honest and do quality work.  At one point I was inviting them (practically begging them) to put brake pads on the car, but after checking it out, they told me no, it didn’t need them yet (and they were right).  I trust them to shoot straight with me about what’s necessary to keep the car in good shape without senselessly charging me for services or parts that aren’t needed. This is also a shop where you get a chance to talk to the actual mechanic – not the “manager” out front.
  3. 05/03/13

    Brought in my New Beetle for headlight replacement.  A few weeks later, the bulb burned out. Turns out I had a problem with the wiring. They went above and beyond to get to the root of the problem and fix it. We are very happy with V-Dub Unlimited.
  4. 09/29/2011 

    Helpful and reliable. Highly recommend!!!!!!!
     I got my Jetta fixed here and the service was great! They quoted me one price then once it was all done the total was $200 less. They are a very honest business and work hard to make the customer happy. 
    I wouldn’t take my Jetta anywhere else.
  5. 09/09/11

     Excellent service and honest, friendly people. They love Volkswagons. I love them so much I bring my VW van from my home in Portland to them for all repairs. No VW mechanic in Oregon compares. Thanks so much guys!
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